Sareena Beasley

Business Lawyer

Attorney Sareena Beasley is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Bridge
Forward Solutions. Attorney Beasley started the firm out of her desire to create a
lasting legacy for her daughter. She left “big law” and works with innovative and
creative entrepreneurs that want to build generational wealth for their own
families. She wanted to serve clients in a more meaningful capacity and ensure that
 her clients are legally protecting their brands. Ultimately, she stepped out on
faith, followed her purpose + passion and built the company from the ground up. She
 knows what it's like to be frustrated, consumed with the most, overworked,
overqualified, tired of cooking/cleaning, depressed, broke, and generally a mess.
But with prayer, patience, preparation, and perseverance, she transformed and rose
above it all. Now her mess is a message for all that you can use your passion to
push you into your purpose; and you can link your purpose to build a profitable
business. So say hello to hope, mo money, less problems, and generational wealth.

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